Tuesday, April 21, 2009

first day of moving, too today

so, on this post, I am going to explain from day one too today, all the birds that I have seen.

OK, so the first day that we moved here, I did not have bird seed out, so I just watched all the robins and what they were doing, but the next morning, I found out that my dad had put bird seed out (I could tell because of all the birds that were there) so we went to our old house to clean up the yard, and that took all day. so the next morning(I had already put the bird feeders up) I watched pine siskins, American goldfinches, and house finches find the feeders all day. the next morning, I went to the birding window, and guess what I saw! red crossbills!!! (if you don't know what that is then just see my last post and click on the bird links) later that day a red winged blackbird visited my feeder!! I am hoping that it will come back. since then i have just been having the normal house finches and goldfinches visiting my feeder.

but yesterday!! I saw the years first black chinned hummingbird!!!!!!!! just can't wait for summer!!