Monday, June 8, 2009


I have not told you that I follow baseball, I am on the city league team, I am on the ST. louis cardinals! So far we have played 7 games, and are tied with another team for second place. Last week we were tied for first place but then we lost a game on thursday. We play 13 games in a season, and so far, I think our team is good enough to make it in to tournaments.

Baseball is now my favorite sport(again for the third time), I keep swithing what my favorite sport is, but I think that baseball is going to stay my favorite now.

I took teeball twice when i was 4 and 6, I took soccer when I was5 and 7, and I took mustang league baseball when I was 9, and now I take pinto league baseball at the age of 11. That is a lot of sports! it has been hard for my mom to come to all my baseball games(2 a week) but I am very greatful to her fore allways supporting me. Thanks mom. Well that is all for now.

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