Friday, June 5, 2009

robin nest !

(First i must say that we did take pictures but the computer freezes when we try to upload pictures, so there are no pictures.)

So we built a platform birdhouse, it is just a 5" deep platform, 7" long, with walls, and no roof.
We attached it under the roof overhang to the part of the rain gutter where it carries the water to the ground. Before I say anything else, I must say that there was already a robin nest there before we put the platform there, so that is half the reason they found it. So about 3-4 days later, a pair of robins started to put nesting material in the platform. there are now five eggs in the nest, and the female has started to incubate the eggs. I am excited to see what happens.

the best place to put it would be under your house over hang, so it does not need a roof, if you are putting it in a tree you will need a platform with a roof

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Maria said...

It has been very fun to see the robin and the nest. Can't wait til the eggs hatch.